MS Standards

New! Bile Acid - Carnitine - Sterol Metabolite Library of Standards (BACSMSL)

96 high quality metabolite standards, convenient 96 well format, 5 µg per compound

MLSDiscovery software tool builds authenic standard libraries by supporting the extraction, manipulation, and storage of the data generated when using MLS plates.

Mass Spectrometry Metabolite Library of Standards (MSMLS)

600 high quality metabolite standards, convenient 96 well format, 5 µg per compound

MLSDiscovery software tool

Large Scale Metabolite Library of Standards (LSMLS)

504 high quality metabolite standards, convenient 96 well format, 1 mg per compound
MLSDiscovery software tool


Enabling Clinical Metabolomics: QC
How reproducible is your data?
Most metabolomics data can realistically only be compared with same-day-run samples, enough for small research projects but not suitable for large clinically-relevant metabolomics projects.  Clinically relevant metabolomics requires accurate identification, completely reproducible quantitation, and performance criteria for instrumentation.  How can this be achieved?
IROA TruQuant IQQ uses a set of complex internal standards that deal with for ionization inefficiencies/matrix effects to provide suppression-corrected data, complete cross-platform quantitative reproducibility, with validated compound identification, and continuous instrument QA/QC. 
Cross platform normalization of measurements utilizing the same or different analytical methodologies can be overcome using TruQuant Long-Term sets of complex metabolite C13-labeled internal standards which provide the means for data standardization and also enhancements in data quality through the removal of background/noise, quality assurance, compound identification and quantitation.

The IROA TruQuant IQQ workflow provides a software solution together with carefully formulated Long-Term Reference Standard (IROA-LTRS) containing over 500 compounds, based on 95% and 5% C13.  Why 95%/5%? The compounds in the LTRS are computationally easy to find, provide completely verified compound identify, and serve as a daily measure of instrumentation performance (complete QA/QC).  The matching IROA Internal Standard (IROA-IS) has the same chemical profile as the IROA-LTRS but acts as an internal standard to corresponding natural abundance isotopomers in any sample.  Therefore, the IROA-LTRS provides validated compound identity (I), and quality assurance (Q), the IROA-IS provides accurate calibrated Quantitation (Q) for hundreds of compounds in a single metabolomic-style measurement.  For this reason, we have named this workflow IROA TruQuant IQQ. 




SCIEX Symposium: Novel Approaches to Quantitative Metabolomics

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Register for the SCIEX Online Symposium and get exclusive access to talks from metabolomics gurus discussing novel approaches to quantitative metabolomics.

Metabolomics is often considered the most direct approach to making quantitative measurements that can be related to the physiological state of an organism, and therefore metabolomics plays an important part in fundamental understanding of disease as well as in the search for potential biomarkers. Metabolomics is a frequently challenging field, as identification of unknowns is a non-trivial process, and consequently tools to map the known metabolome or to target specific pathways of interest are often employed alongside discovery approaches.

Conference Agenda: